Your network is the group of computers, printers, scanners media centers and other  devices which are connected through a  single unified device, such as a router. Theymay be loosely connected and all they really do share access to the Internet through the same router or they may be more intimately connected by share files and printers, and can see each desktops, move files back and forth or  a single computer can print on serveral of printers. Your Computer Store ca help you design the perfect network for how you use your computer and its components. Would you like to share files with the computer in another room? Would you like to stream movies located on one computer onto your TV set in the living room? Setting that network sharing is not a problem however one still needs to be concerned with security to avoid, no , eleiminate the possibility of intrusions from the outside so your neighbors, people driving by and hackers from anywhere cannot access  your network or your private files. Your Computer Store can help you set up a network so that it is easy movement information within your network and those outsiders blocked internal state external security go hand-in-hand to design the perfect network for your needs.