Since the earliest computers, consumer have had the chance to decide whether to buy an off the shelf PC or custom build it. But what’s the difference?

Internally, both will have the same components, but as on any other products, there are different levels of quality, price and performance. Very often, stores will sell off the shelf computers with decent specs for really low prices, but the good price comes from cutting corners in quality or performance.

At Your Computer Store, we offer pre-built packages as well as custom built. Our many years of experience guarantee that you will get the best quality and performance to meet your budget.

We've built hundreds of computers from basic units for work – web browsing, extreme gaming computers for game development up to computers for stock trading with 8+ monitors.

We also offer custom built gaming laptops, just give us a call or stop at Your Computer Store, we’ll be happy to answer any questions and guide you on the right path for the best computing experience.