Your Computer Store, serving Laguna Hills, Laguna Woods, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo and all Orange County focuses on homeowners, end users and small businesses who need, desktops or laptops repaired, serviced upgraded or replaced. Our experienced technicians offer support over a wide range of hardware and software issues encouraging training and showing how to develop you own set of tools. The four of us bring over 45 years combined experience with technology, building, repairing and maintain computers.

The Players

Paul Gadebusch

Owner. Got his first computer in 1984 and was programming his own database immediately. Years of actually making it work in the real world, creating networks, designing databases applications, maintaining workstations has led to strong foundation of the present and the tools to prepare customers for their future computing needs. He is our software specialist helping users get more from the systems they have on site and remotely. He has extensive experience with MS Office, browsers, email client and cloud computing as well. Offering a plan that actually works for our clients is the most important suggestion he can offer.

Jorge Solis

Service Manager. Jorge graduated college with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Systems Design. He was the lead technician at PC Club for more than 3 years. His easy going personality coupled with years of experience and uncanny insight for what ails a failing computer makes him a great resource for the end user.

To Sum It Up

The three of us are untied in a singleness of purpose; to insure you get the answers, systems, repairs or support that YOU need at a fair price, as fast as possible with great follow up so that your computing experience gets better and better as a result of our being Your Computer Store.