Maxthon Browser - Slim and FAST!

by Gaddy 11. June 2011 18:28


I have been playing with the new Maxthon Browser ( )  which is slim and fast on my PC and also has an Android version which I use as the default on my Sprint Phone.  I first heard about from an Android news posting and going to their website discovered a PC version. It was an easy download and install, worked immediately. 
After installation the default homepage was  I almost reset it to what I was familiar with but decided to give it a shot and keep it for while. I am glad I did. 
  • Maxthon opens faster than any browser I have used whether opening links from an email or the icon pinned to my task-bar. 
  • The page make selecting a search engine a single click on the embedded search box.
  • Quick launch icons for the most used sites (Yortube, Facebook etc) are centrally located. 
  • A list of you last few sessions are listed as links but can easily be deleted individually, by day or the entire history cleaned completely  for security.
  • The is an icon which toggles between the Really Really fast mode with few features and a fuller featured mode that gives up a tad in speed. 
  • There is a screen capture utility embedded which will save to a .png file.
  • Local searches work great for Laguna Hills, CA. It knows I am here at my office. On my laptop it detects my current location and the search result reflects the local IP I am using at the time of the search.
  • There are a few things you give up to get the blazing speed. Netflix streaming is not supported  but Hulu and Hulu plus work just fine. 
  • There are add-ins hat are stock in Firefox and Chrome which are incompatible or inconvenient in Maxthon. My biggest problem is Roboform which I use extensively. It works, but takes a couple of clicks. Not a problem occasionally but I use it all day long. 
Overall it is worth downloading (  ) and taking it for test browse. You may want to set it as your default browser just to see how it behaves in Your World. It will uninstall cleanly if you find it fails you, still the speed is fun to watch. 


Maxthon opens faster than any browser I have used

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