Printing from your mobile device

by Jorge 1. May 2012 19:03
Google has come up with up for an excellent produc for those who have multiple devices and need the added convenience of being able to print from all of them. [More]

Give new life to your PC

by Jorge 19. April 2012 14:22
Do you remember when you first got your computer? It felt so powerful and fast, you could never imagine that after a few months of work, web surfing, email and program installations your computer would slow down to a crawl. Over time, the information on your computer’s hard drive, the amount of icons on your desktop and the icons on notification bar grew so much that now even the simplest task seems to take twice as long. It might be worth your time to try to bring back some of the performance and reclaim some of that lost hard drive space, before you think about replacing your computer. Here are a few tips you can try to speed up your pc. 1.       Free up hard drive space. ·         Uninstall software that you no longer use or you haven’t used in a while. Uninstall those trial versions of software you though it would be cool to try, and uninstall those old pc games that you beat or no longer keep you entertained. ·         Try running the Windows Disk Cleanup tool (located under Accessories – System Tools) and let it get rid of some of the temporary files. Also let it clean up your system restore files, usually you don’t need more than the last one created. ·         Try cleaning your Internet browsing history, cookies and cache. ·         If you want to know what’s taking all your hard drive space, you can try running programs like “WinDirStat” or “Size Explorer” ·         Also we will never get tired of recommending CCleaner to help you get rid of all the accumulated garbage from your PC. ·         You can also find duplicated files, a great tool for doing this is “Auslogics Duplicate File Finder”, a very easy to use tool. 2.       Make sure your computer is virus and spyware free ·         Most of the time, your antivirus alone can’t keep you 100% free of infections by just being there running. It’s always good to run a Full Deep Scan every once in a while, you will be surprised of what you might find. ·         Running a specialized anti spyware tool will help you remove some of the spyware that the antivirus alone can’t detect. A couple of great tools are “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” or “Superantispyware”, they work great and the best of all, they are free. 3.       Run some software tools to regain some of the performance. ·         Defrag your hard drive. Over time the files on your hard drive get fragmented, making the hard drive work harder looking for all the little pieces of a specific program or file. Running a defrag tool like “Defraggler” will help your hard drive reorganize the files, and will get some performance back. ·         Use msconfig utility (only the startup tab) to disable some of the processes that start when you turn your computer on. Who needs adobe reader, or itunes open all the time? ·         Run updates for windows and drivers. Updates for drivers and software often fix bugs and improve performance. 4.       Do simple hardware upgrades. ·         Adding RAM is very affordable, and it can make a significant difference. The recommended amount of ram for any computer right now is 4Gb although most new computers can handle even more. ·         If your hard drive is small or old, try having your data cloned to a new and bigger hard drive. Overtime mechanical drives wear out and lose performance and reliability. 5.       Clean your hardware. ·         If your PC is sitting on the floor, it is probably full of dust and pet hair. Using a can of compressed air, blow all the dust out. It will unblock the fans and heatsinks. Overheating computers slow themselves down to prevent damage. Also when fans are dirty, they have to run faster to try to cool down the system, making excessive noise. ·         Wipe down your screen and other hardware, this will not give you any performance gain, but your computer will look like new again, it should be a tool to enjoy. ·         Clean and disinfect your keyboard and mouse, according to some studies, they can accumulate more bacteria than a toilet bowl! Using these simple tips should keep your computer running longer, faster and more efficiently for a while. If you need any help maintaining your PC, don’t forget to give us a call, we have all the expertise to guide you. Or we can do all this for you at Your Computer Store.      

$130 Maintenance and Cleaning for $50

by Gaddy 18. February 2012 21:20
Limited Time Offer! 3 weeks or 50 computers, whichever come first. complete $130 full maintenance package which includes minimizing startup programs, removing outdated or unused version of programs, removing any Bloatware that has been installed without your knowledge... [More]